It seems like 1990 was just last week, doesn’t it?  The year 2000 – such a big deal – happened only days ago.  But 2020 is here, a new year, a new decade.  With the advent of such a big milestone, this is the perfect time to take stock of the town we live in, look forward, imagine a better city and create the future we want to live in.

Full disclaimer: I’m fairly new to Guelph.

Five years ago, I made the move from the big city of Toronto to Guelph, and I loved it the second I got here.  The downtown is unique, as far as Ontario is concerned and if not further.  The city’s resources and services, while often a sticking point, are still very good, especially for a city of both the size, and recent expansion that Guelph has seen.

This year, let’s do something different.
Let’s dream a little.

Let’s imagine a city we all want to live in.  A vibrant, healthy, smart, sustainable city.  Let’s imagine a Guelph that is robust, much like it is but better.  A city that uses technology to improve the lives of it’s citizens, cut waste, lower pollution and yes, build a new library.

ThatGuelph wants to do something different with the change of the decade.  We want to go beyond words and pictures; a publication by Guelph and for Guelph should be actively changing and building Guelph.  We have some insights, ideas and plans for some projects in 2020 that we hope will do just that.  We look forward to sharing them with you.

Guelph is a city of the past and future.  It is a city on the cusp of something, having mostly been ignored by the civically awful 90s and 2000’s, and it is now poised at the crossroads of history – 2020 is the point at which many challenges will come to a head.  No politician can be honest and say they know where we will be, but if we, the citizens agree to make Guelph a good, kind city, then perhaps that’s the best city anyone could ask for.

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