Mayor Cam Guthrie received backlash for posts on Twitter endorsing statements made by provincial and federal Conservative officials this week, provoking a response from an elected school board trustee and several residents.

The first and most responded to post was on Tuesday, when Guthrie retweeted Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott saying that he fully trusts her “100 per cent” when the minister says she will work with municipalities “to make our system better”.

“Do we need to know more? Sure. But give it time. Let’s work together,” Guthrie added.

Elliott’s tweet was about her Progressive Conservative government’s changes to paramedic services, which have worried many municipal leaders throughout the province

Though information is scarce, the provincial government essentially plans to merge 59 municipal and regional ambulance services into 10 local providers. Critics say this will significantly worsen emergency response in rural areas.

In response to Guthrie’s apparent support of Elliott, Upper Grand District School Board Trustee Mike Foley, who was elected last fall, wrote “that’s mind bogglingly idiotic to  follow that level of belief. Really.”

Guthrie got sarcastic in his response, saying “how respectful @ugdsb trustee for calling me an idiot. You’re a great example for your next anti-bullying campaign you want to promote in your schools.”

Former trustee Susan Moziar called the mayor’s response to Foley “embarrassing”. Moziar served as an elected trustee from 1991 to 2018.

Guthrie received several other negative responses to his retweet of Elliott mixed with two that were at least not criticizing him. “I appreciate the non-partisan take,” a user by the name of Anthony said.

Craig Burley commented via a meme that “it may not be perfect but it’s still the best government we have…for now” and another said “kudos, Mr. Mayor, no chance of a photo?”

“Mr. Mayor, I’m wondering if you have the same confidence in Christine Elliott to have the best interests of our municipality’s health services in mind in light of recent news,” read one response, citing the Ontario government’s controversial decision to slash public health funding.

Guthrie did respond to this tweet, saying “I don’t know enough about this change yet, but knowing her and her background I do believe she wants what’s best.”

Guthrie is the mayor of Guelph, a riding that elected provincial Green Party Leader Mike Schriener, who has been highly critical of the PC government.

‘Your truth. Not mine’

On Wednesday, Guthrie retweeted Conservative deputy leader Lisa Raitt who wrote that a “pro-tip” for those seeking political office is that the “voter always gets it right”, referring to the Tory win in Alberta.

“You can be disappointed in the result, but best to avoid criticizing people for how they voted,” Raitt posted, which Guthrie retweeted, commenting with the word “truth”.

The response to Guthrie was mostly negative.

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