At last night’s Council meeting, Councils voted to suspend construction of both the Bristol Street and the Lee Street dog park.  Additionally, council votes to remove and deconstruct the existing Peter Misersky Dog park, which opened a mere 4 months ago.  Do you think Council made the right call?


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  ThatGuelph plans to send the results of the poll to City Hall.


  1. City Hall needs to close this dog park and come up with a better way to assign dog parks asap. They are needed, but make appropriate decisions. Unfortunately this one is way to close to residential homes.

  2. Too much money was spent on the planning and creation of that park. Residents will get used to the change in the neighbourhood (just like I have gotten used to the tearing down of small houses in my neighbourhood, the construction of massive homes with no yards, the removal of gardens, the increase in traffic). There only needs to be education and occasional monitoring.

  3. They need to treat the dog park like a public pool and have trained ‘life guards’ to ensure compliance to the rules. People with knowledge of dog behaviour who can coach and guide attendees. I believe this is a way to keep this park open . They can then revise their plans for other parks to other locations using the advice of Dog Behaviour Professionals and the successful parks in the surrounding cities. Something they should’ve done from the beginning.

  4. Fenced dog parks are essential for those of us with runners. Unfortunately only the loud negatives get heard and listened to. I’ve been multiple times to the fenced park and have never seen any issues or heard more noise than you would with a dog in the back yard

    Also the money has already been spent, to remove the park would cost more. Are the same people that are complaining willing to pay more taxes to build another one? Probably not

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