Happy holiday Monday , Guelph!  It’s Monday, February 17th, and it’s also Family Day.  Mainly sunny today with some snow tonight.  Gas Prices, the Gas Map, Local and Commuter traffic, and the Weather report, all below the jump.

Mostly sunny today, with snow in the evening.  A high today of -1, that windchill will make it feel more like -20C in the morning and -5 by the afternoon.  The humidity is currently registering at 81% and the wind is coming in from the East SouthEast at 2km/h

The UV index will be 2 or low

Cloudy tonight, then snow after midnight.  A chance of freezing rain overnight as well; we could see anywhere from 2 to 4cm of accumulation.  -4C for the overnight, feeling more like -10C with the windchill.  Sunset tonight at 5:52

Sunrise at 7:14 am tomorrow, and 0C to start your day tomorrow.

What Day Is It?

Besides February 17th being Family Day in Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, it’s also Islander Day in PEI, Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, President’s Day in the United States, which coincides with George Washington’s birthday.  It’s also National Cabbage Day and National Random Act of Kindness Day.

Today’s Famous Birthdays:

Besides George Washington, today is the birthday of musician Ed Sheeran, Basketball legend Michael Jordan, and Daniel Lawrence Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy.

Local Gas Prices

courtesy GasBuddy.com

Gas Prices are up today on average, but the low price is even lower.  The lowest price in the region is still below 89¢, currently sitting under a dollar at 87.4¢ and the average is now up, sitting at 107.0¢. Prices are expected to rise slightly tonight.  Check out our Gas Map below to find the cheapest price in Guelph.

courtesy GasBuddy.com

Local Traffic

Commuter Traffic

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