Good morning , Guelph!  It’s Thursday, February 27th, and it’s also National Toast Day.  Snow, wind, flurries, and blowing snow are all on tap for today.  Gas Prices, the Gas Map, Local and Commuter traffic, and the Weather report, all below the jump.

Snow today, changing to snow squalls and/or flurries in the afternoon.  Blowing snow throughout the day.  We could see up to 5cm of additional accumulation.  A high of -5C, feeling more like -16C with the windchill.  The humidity is currently sitting at 78% and the wind is coming in from the West at a blustery 35km/h and the visibility is sitting at 11.3km.  Pressure steady at 1003 hPa. Sunset tonight at 6:06.

The UV index will be 3 or Moderate

The snow, the flurries and the blowing snow all continue overnight tonight. We could see another 5 to 10cm through the overnight.  The low will drop to -8C.

Sunrise at 6:58 am tomorrow, and -8C to start your day tomorrow.

What Day Is It?

February 27th is National Toast Day, National Chilli Day, National Kahlua Day, National Polar Bear Day, National Retro Day, Anosmia Awareness Day, and National Strawberry Day.

Today’s Famous Birthdays:

Today is or would be the Birthday of actress Kata Mara, singer Josh Groban, writer John Steinbeck, and actress Elizabeth Taylor

Local Gas Prices


Gas Prices are up today.  The lowest price in the region is up at 101.9¢ and the average is now sitting at 111.3¢. Prices are expected to rise slightly tonight.  Check out our Gas Map below to find the cheapest price in Guelph.


Local Traffic

Commuter Traffic


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