Cannabis-infused drinks are not longer a fringe craft beer idea: one of Canada’s oldest beer brands is getting in on the cannabis-drink action.

Dockside favorite Moosehead is partnering with Vancouver-based startup Sproutly to develop, produce and market non-alcoholic beer made using Sproutly’s natural water soluble cannabinoids called Infuz2O.  According to Moosehead the beverage should be easier to produce and should also taste great

“With the anticipated legalization of edibles in Canada later this year, Moosehead has made the strategic decision to enter the cannabis beverage market,…As one of the oldest brands in Canada and a leader in the beer category, we believe we are uniquely positioned to be a leader in the cannabis beverage category.”

– Moosehead CEO Andrew Oland.

Moosehead has been around for over 150 years, and they oversee several brands including Angry Orchard, Twisted Tea and Hop City.  Their newest product may not get you drunk, but the company feels it will be an important part of the brand’s offerings going forward.


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