Many countries around the world view crime differently. The criminal law system of China has no bias when it comes to applying its tough laws to its citizens as well as foreigners who engage in crime within Chinese territory. Many foreigners have experienced tough implications to the crimes they commit in China, and so it is no joke when people are caught with illegal drugs for the purpose of manufacturing and trafficking in the territory of China.

Huawei – Vancouver Arrest

Tensions between China and Canada has been brewing for some time, and it started when Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei in December 2018, and Canada was warned of “serious consequences” if Meng was not released


China hits Back

Then a Canadian man named Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was sentenced to Death in January 2019, for drug smuggling which intensified the tension between Ottawa and China.


Capital Punishment Continues

The Chinese authorities are magnifying the serious nature of drug trafficking through yet another example of a Canadian man.

There were 11 people in China who were allegedly involved in a serious international methamphetamine operation, and they have all been given harsh sentences as a result. However, only 2 men were sentenced to death and one is a Canadian.

A Canadian man named Fan Wei and a Chinese man have been sentenced to death, and this makes Wei the second Canadian to face capital punishment in China, and both have 10 days to appeal –they have allegedly been involved in the  organization, manufacturing, and sale of methamphetamine as per the Jiangmen Intermediate People’s Court (Wang).

Some journalists have alluded to the idea that these harsh punishments may represent backlash for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou which infuriated the Chinese government and has thus caused significant tension between both countries. (France-Presse).



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