In case there was any doubt that the Golden Horseshoe is becoming the epicenter of the new foodie movement, famed Sushi Chef Masaki Saito has left his New York restro of Sushi Ginza Onodera to open a new sushi joint in the heart of Yorkville.

New York’s loss is the GTA’s gain.

Masaki Saito stay at Sushi Ginza Onodera earned him two Michelin stars, but expect things to continue for the young chef as he plans to open Sushi Masaki Saito in keeping with an interpretation of tradition edomae-style sushi

Edomae style are known for curing, simmering or marinating raw fish before serving it, in an attempt to the umami.  Saito has become something of a sushi savant in this regard: he opened his New York store in 2016, earned his first Michelin star in 2017, and then another a year later, at the tender age of 30.

Saito isn’t the first Michelin-starred chef to open a restaurant in the Horseshoe, but it’s different for Saito: he plans to put down roots and move to Toronto.  Saito says he was drawn to the region by it’s energy, multiculturalism, and current atmosphere as a place for great food.

Sushi Masaki Saito is scheduled to open at 88 Avenue Road, across from Yorkville Village, in spring of this year.

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