“Go out and live your life”

I think we too often miss that simple and beautiful message. We are too prone to get too caught in spending too much time in thought. Even the well meaning teachings of look within, you already have it all, you are God, consciousness, non duality etc etc innocently miss the mark. If we truly are an expression of Universal Energy in Human form then doing anything other than living that experience to the fullest is in direct contravention to the gift of our human existence.

Inundating ourselves with more of anything doesn’t seem to work very well. I should qualify, It does not work well for me. I don’t get more by reading more, I don’t get more by spending more time on FB, I don’t get more by following more teachers.

I get more when my life is the centre of attention. Not someone else’s words or writings or FB posts. I get more by living more fully in each moment and seasoning my life with everything else. I get more when I live life, when I do things, when I appreciate my life and stop running from it.

What is running from life? Not living it! It means trying to be somewhere other than in life. Searching for spirit is running from life, looking for God is running from life, following teachers is running from life, looking for answers is running from life, living for others is running from life.

Stop running.  Take a moment, stand still and appreciate the gift of your aliveness.  Take a moment and say these words. “Holy shit, I am here. I exist”

Go live life, you get it, you see how it works, go live. What you don’t see will reveal itself as you live your life, not by putting it on hold or by continuing to search. Somewhere along the lines a wise man said that if you get it just a little bit, that is great, go live life. All that is required now is patience. What you don’t see will reveal itself through the experience of living.

Don’t negate or trivialize your human experience, don’t make it about others, celebrate it, cherish it, live it! It is yours and yours alone.

Much Love,

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