Recently, we published an article about the changes to Ontario’s Public Education system made by Doug Ford & his PC party as well as Lisa Thompson who is Ontario’s Education minister. However, how fast the impact of these changes would occur in the city of Guelph was not predicted.

The Upper Grand District School Board has made a decrease in positions because of the provincial revenue loss as well as the significant changes in Autism funding in Ontario. Currently, 54 elementary school teachers have received layoff notifications from Upper Grand District School Board after they finish out their current school year (CBC).

Although the board is aware that they will be working with less funding, April 2019 will give officials a better understanding of how the financial cuts and changes will impact the system overall, especially since that is when the province will release full funding details which will provide more data. Still, teachers face job-loss due to anticipating funding limitations and loss. Whether they will be hired back is unknown for now.

Doug Ford – No job loss 

In his campaign promise, Premier Doug Ford and his PC party consistently stated that there will be no job loss in the public sector under Ford’s PC government (The Canadian Press).

Ford said in 2018, that

there’s not a person on this planet that can tell me there isn’t four cents savings of inefficiencies of bloated bureaucracy that we can’t find in the government of Ontario, and just watch me do it

(Willing). Then in August 2018, more than 80,000 jobs were lost in Ontario under Ford—this was officially Ontario’s largest job loss since the Global recession in 2009 (Benzie).

In March 2019, a total of 95 student-tutors (part-time and after-hour programs) who provided help for students were lost according to the Toronto Catholic District School Board (The Canadian Press) – how will teachers deal with class size increases while no longer having this help available for students who require more help?

Are these losses temporary or will they continue on as cuts and class size increases put more pressure on teachers, parents, and students?

The answers and more will be demonstrated as we get feedback from parents, students, teachers, and more data over the near future. For now, we will watch Doug Ford show us how he will deal with “inefficiencies of bloated bureaucracy” — but at what cost?


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